The most-read C&C articles in 2013

These are the new and old Climate & Capitalism articles that attracted the most readers in 2013. How many have you read?

 There are now 1,958 articles on the Climate & Capitalism website. New ones attract readers, but some older ones continue to be very popular. So here are two lists of 2013’s most-read articles — the top 10 new articles, and the top 10 from the pre-2013 archive. 

Top 10 new articles in 2013

  1. Strategy and tactics in the environmental movement
  2. Yuen and Angus debate ‘environmental catastrophism’
  3. Naomi Klein: Climate change, unions, and a united left agenda
  4. Green Capitalism: Why it can’t work
  5. Building the environmental movement today: A debate
  6. In defense of Murray Bookchin
  7. Recovering our history: ‘Eco-Socialism in a Nutshell’
  8. European Left congress calls for ecosocialism
  9. UN climate talks go nowhere, again
  10. Who really benefits from sweatshops?

Top 10 articles from the archives

  1. Population control: 10 reasons why it’s the wrong answer
  2. The four laws of ecology and the four anti-ecological laws of capitalism
  3. The facts about the Alberta tar sands
  4. Africa: Why the richest continent Is also the poorest
  5. Forty years of How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
  6. The myth of the tragedy of the commons
  7. Like unicorns, the ‘free market’ doesn’t exist
  8. Wall Street to Earth: ‘We don’t mind and you don’t matter’ 
  9. Tropic of chaos: Climate change and the new geography of violence
  10. Environmental determinism: Does climate control our destiny?