The war on ocean life

Intensive Fishing and the Birth of Capitalism

Beginning a series on the role of fishing in the birth and spread of capitalism, and the role of capitalism in today’s mass extinction of ocean life.

Reading for reds & greens

Ecosocialist Bookshelf, Jan. 2021

Capitalism and Community; Engels and Nature; After Covid-19; The Marx Revival; For Degrowth; Super Polluters; How to Blow Up a Pipeline.

Book Review

Amber Waves: A Biography of Wheat

It took thousands of years for wheat to evolve from a wild grass into a highly productive source of food. Can it help address global hunger in our time?

Exceptions have become the norm

Capitalism and Catastrophe

Covid and climate change aren't aberrations: they are aspects of the system's permanent global crisis.

Reading Matters

Ecosocialist Bookshelf,
December 2020

Winter Solstice reading for reds and greens: Disappearance of Butterflies; Multidisciplinary Anthropocene; Future Sea; Age of Low Tech; Diversifying Power; Commercial Capitalism.

Movement Building

Ecosocialism: A Vital Synthesis

Pioneer ecosocialist Michael Löwy on the red-green alternative to the unsustainable status quo, and the movement for a Great Transition