The video Enbridge doesn't want you to see

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When Enbridge threatened to cancel a $5 million advertising campaign, the Vancouver Province immediately removed this satire from its website.

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If you’ve got money, you can buy off some critics. The oil industry definitely has money, and some critics are definitely for sale.

A few days ago, the Vancouver Province posted a satire  of Enbridge’s saccharine promo for the Northern Gateway pipeline. Enbridge, which is currently running a $5 million advertising campaign in Postmedia newpapers, objected. The Province immediately removed the spoof from its website.

Here’s the video Enbridge doesn’t want people to see.  It was created by the Province‘s editorial cartoonist Dan Murphy, who bears no responsibility for his employer’s craven behaviour.



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  • Gotta love how every time corp. tyranny oppresses freedom of information, civil rights or democracy, the immediate backlash from Canadians is comical, satirical and garners more attention than the multimillion dollar ad campaign that borders on false advertising.
    805 Oil Spill Enbridge should save their money. They will need it for court. 😀
    BC is not buying what 805-oil-spill-Enbridge / China owned AB tarsands is selling.