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Barry Commoner: Pollution, affluence and class

[Quotes and Insights #23] Pioneer socialist ecologist Barry Commoner, author of The Closing Circle, speaking at Harvard University, during the first Earth Day, April 1970…. “The favorite statistic is that the U.S. contains 6 to 7% of the world population but consumes more than half the world’s resources and is responsible for that fraction of […]

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Barry Commoner: Ecology and Social Action

Once we recognize that human beings are not bound to single ecological solutions, but can choose among several, liberating and democratic social action can follow.  But if we  elevate ecology from a biological science to a principle of social governance, the political consequences are invariably repressive. A lecture given by Barry Commoner, author of The Closing […]

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Barry Commoner: Pollution and production

[Quotes & Insights #15] From the Introduction to the 1992 edition of Making Peace With the Planet, by Barry Commoner “The assault on environmental quality results from the use of systems of production that yield useful goods but also generate pollutants. “The engines that power modern cars and trucks also produce pollutants that turn into […]

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