Would you swim in a tar sand pit?

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What if they pretend it’s a lake?

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An oil industry fantasy
Illustration from page 329 of the “End Pit Lakes Guidance Document 2012”

Tar Sands Reality

The arrogance and stupidity of the Tar Sands industry knows no bounds. Their latest bizarre proposal is to turn the immense pits created by tar sands mining into recreation areas.

They’ll dump massive amounts of toxic waste into each pit, cover the mess with fresh water, and call the result a lake.

About 30 lakes in total, spread over 2500 square kilometres. They promise camping, swimming, fishing, and happy water birds.

They’ve just published an industry-funded 434 page report describing the plan.  It has to be read to be believed.

I’m asking for volunteers: which oil company CEO will eat the first fish caught in one of these abominations? Or let his children swim there?

I thought not.


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