Archive | June, 2012

Lethal ingredients in the Rio+20 mocktail

The advocates of Green Economy never acknowledge that today’s crises have been caused by dangerously polluting industries, the extractive mining sector, chemical industries or industrial agriculture, and carefully ignore the new approaches proposed by countries like Bolivia and Ecuador.

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Big business goes to Rio

The best thing to come out of Rio+20 could be the strengthening of social movements in opposition to one of its core ideas. The false green economy’s grand Brazilian showcase might just be the event that helps to trigger its downfall.

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Kari-Oca 2 Declaration

Indigenous Peoples Global Conference on Rio+20 and Mother Earth: The “Green Economy” continues the colonialism we have faced and resisted for 520 years. We cannot allow false solutions to destroy the Earth’s balance, assassinate the seasons, unleash severe weather havoc, privatize life and threaten the very survival of humanity.

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