Can We Feed the World?

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Aid, however necessary, is only a stopgap. To truly address world hunger, we must understand and then change the system that causes it

Capitalism, Agribusiness and the Food Sovereignty Alternative

by Ian Angus

Part Two of this two part article appears in Socialist Voice, May 12, 2008.

Part One was published on April 28, 2008


  • Thank you, Roland. The response to my Food Crisis articles has been very gratifying. It’s been published in more than a dozen countries in English, and almost as many more in Spanish!

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed that Socialist Voice has now published it as a pamphlet, available as a PDF download from, and also as an inexpensive printed edition.

  • The ‘Food Crisis” is a very informative and well written article. I have forwarded around the world. It is good to point out that there is no shortage of food — we always need a good answer to the followers of Malthus — and the object failure of capitalism to satisfy humanity’s basic needs for survivial.

    Roland Sheppard