Reading for reds & greens

Ecosocialist Bookshelf, Jan. 2021

Capitalism and Community; Engels and Nature; After Covid-19; The Marx Revival; For Degrowth; Super Polluters; How to Blow Up a Pipeline.

Book Review

Amber Waves: A Biography of Wheat

It took thousands of years for wheat to evolve from a wild grass into a highly productive source of food. Can it help address global hunger in our time?

Exceptions have become the norm

Capitalism and Catastrophe

Covid and climate change aren't aberrations: they are aspects of the system's permanent global crisis.

Reading Matters

Ecosocialist Bookshelf,
December 2020

Winter Solstice reading for reds and greens: Disappearance of Butterflies; Multidisciplinary Anthropocene; Future Sea; Age of Low Tech; Diversifying Power; Commercial Capitalism.

Movement Building

Ecosocialism: A Vital Synthesis

Pioneer ecosocialist Michael Löwy on the red-green alternative to the unsustainable status quo, and the movement for a Great Transition

A network of global rifts

Facing the Anthropocene: An Update

Recent scientific work strengthens and extends the arguments in Ian Angus’s pathbreaking book on fossil capitalism and the crisis of the Earth System

Reading for reds and greens

Ecosocialist Bookshelf, November 2020

Seven new books and four book reviews. Engels at 200; Capitalist Crime; Eleanor Marx on England; Wheat’s Biography; Early Capitalist Farming; Renewable Energy; Sinking Middle Class

Essential Reading

The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology

John Bellamy Foster's brilliant recovery of a century of ecological and socialist thought will inform, enable, and inspire a new generation of reds and greens

Book Review

A People’s Guide to Capitalism

It's not easy to explain Marx's economics in a clear, straightforward and entertaining way, but Hadas Thier succeeds brilliantly. Nobody has done it better.