The wrong people are in charge

Class conscious blues, from the wonderful New Orleans blues musician Mem Shannon.

Class conscious blues, from the wonderful New Orleans blues musician Mem Shannon.



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  • I listened to your talk online today. Sorry I didn’t get there to hear you.

    I wish we could put all our resources together to make the change we desperately need. There are countless groups, movements, NGOs across the country, indeed across the world, all working against neoliberalism policies, and for socialism. I know, that’s oversimplified but it makes my point. It’s as if people are coveting their sub-interest. So much energy scattered across the spectrum, if concentrated, especially during the run up to an election (hint), would break through the ideology that is causing untold destruction to everything of any value to all living things.

    The damage is so obvious by the huge power we are fighting against, yet there are many more of US than THEM. We should be able to do this.

    What do you think.

    (We are fellow countrymen/people, by the way. I started out in Lawrencetown—when the NDP was the CCF—and developed in Toronto and Vancouver).