3 things NOT to expect at the Doha climate talks

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When the handmaidens of the 1% meet, don’t expect progressive results

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UN climate negotiations open today in Doha, Qatar. Cassiodorus, who writes an excellent blog on the Daily Kos website, lists three things that ought to happen in Doha, but won’t …

  1. A multinational pledge to “keep the grease in the ground.”
  2. A multinational pledge to transition out of the capitalist system.
  3. Basic guarantees of fundamental human need.

After explaining why these things ought to happen, Cassiodorus explains why they won’t:

“As long as the politicians are mere handmaidens of the 1% and their lovely capitalist system, things will get worse.  Why, the folks are probably having a meeting in Doha this week for the mere purpose of insulating themselves from criticism — so they can say ‘look!  We had a meeting!’ when an outraged global public finally realizes that planet Earth is transitioning to something along the lines of planet Venus. “

Read Cassiodorus’s column here.


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