A reader reviews "Too Many People?"

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Journalist Laura Kaminker posts an independent summary of our arguments against populationism

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Laura Kaminker, the journalist and activist who maintains the blog wmtc (we move to canada), writes:

“I’ve just finished reading Too Many People? Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis by Ian Angus and Simon Butler. Co-author Angus spoke at the 2012 Marxism conference; I wasn’t able to attend his talk, but Allan did, and afterwards bought the book for me.

“The clarity of the authors’ arguments, their unassailable reasoning, their thorough research, the full transparency of their worldview, and the readability of their writing, make this one of the best nonfiction books I’ve read. If you care about both the environment and reproductive justice, this book is a must-read.

“If you, like so many well-intentioned people, subscribe to — or wonder about — the notion that population control and curtailed immigration are even partial solutions to the environmental crisis, I hope you will read this book.”

Laura has posted an excellent summary of some of the key arguments Simon Butler and I make in our book. Read her article here.


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