China Miéville on art and politics

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A Marxist science fiction writer on how we feel about the art we like or dislike, and how that relates to politics

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This post has nothing (or very little) to do with Climate or Capitalism.

I’m a big fan of China Miéville’s science fiction.

So I’ve been kicking myself because — for reasons too dumb to explain — I accidentally missed his talk, “Guilty Pleasures: Art and Politics,” at Socialism 2012 in Chicago last month.

Fortunately the talk was recorded and has been made available online by We Are Many. It is thoughtful, insightful, and often very funny — highly recommended to anyone interested in how we think about literature, movies and other forms of art, and how that might relate to our political views and actions.

Listen here:

If this encourages you to read his books, I recommend starting with The City and the City, a highly original science fiction/detective novel that I like a lot, with no guilt whatsoever.


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