Another massive oil spill

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Why we can’t trust capitalism with the fate of the earth … 22,000 barrels spilled into sensitive muskeg, and the pipeline company didn’t notice!

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Why we can’t trust capitalism with the fate of the earth … another powerful argument for shutting down the tar sands now

Globe and Mail, May 30, 2012 … 

“A huge pipeline spill has released 22,000 barrels of oil and water into muskeg in the far northwest of Alberta.

“The spill ranks among the largest in North America in recent years, a period that has seen a series of high-profile accidents …

“The most recent spill was discovered May 19 emanating from a pipeline belonging to Pace Oil & Gas Ltd. …

“As with many recent pipeline accidents, Calgary-based Pace did not detect a problem, but was informed of the leak by another company after the spill was spotted from an aircraft. The spill, which killed one duck, now covers 4.3 hectares. Mr. Woods [Pace Oil CEO] declined comment on how long it was leaking before detection.”

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  • Typically, the bourgeois Globe and Mail, whence this story comes, publishes it in its “Investing” section. It’s not regarded as an environmental disaster, but as a business disaster for investors. The article quotes the chief executive of the oil company (to whom of course the Globe has privileged access) but no reaction is reported from environmentalists, native populations, or others who are affected by the spill.

    Like most of the mainstream bourgeois media, the Globe relies on business reporters to cover the environmental beat, because the environment matters only insofar as it affects profits.

  • Just as it is not possible to be half pregnant it is not possible to be addicted to fossil fuels and not destroy the planetary eco-systems.