NZ socialist group dissolves to build ecosocialist movement

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Resolution adopted by the 2012 convention of the New Zealand group Socialist Workers Organization


The defining event of our times is world capitalism’s historic slide towards collapse under the chaotic, intersecting and escalating pressures of five terminal crises:

  • profitability,
  • ecology,
  • resources,
  • imperial leadership,
  • legitimacy.

This is the context for this resolution of Socialist Worker’s 2012 conference.

1. Push forward focused outreach work on global capitalist collapse, including the formation of a broad left Forum composed of people who see system collapse looming, leaving room for a range of views on how that might express itself.

2. Help consolidate an eco-socialist network open to a variety of issues and campaigns important to the 99%.

3. Wind up Socialist Worker:

(a) in favour of members getting involved in the above two strands of activity, as well as interfacing with other leftists in unions, campaigns, iwi, Labour, Greens, Mana, Maori Party and so on,

(b) with all members encouraged to financially support either or both the capitalist collapse Forum and the eco-socialist network.

4. The Socialist Centre in Onehunga, Auckland to be renamed the eco-socialist centre, which will:

(a) host the capitalist collapse Forum and the eco-socialist network, and

(b) house a good portion of the books of the Red Kiwi Library for the use of the capitalist collapse Forum and the eco-socialist network, and

(c) require funding from friends of the eco-socialist centre to maintain this important resource of the left.

Co-moved by Grant Brookes, David Colyer and Grant Morgan. Passed with 2 abstentions.

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  • Hi Jeff, would you care to expand on that comment? Probably my article sucked but the rest of the contributions seemed thought out, and gave a good build-up to our final conference.

  • Based on the quality of the discussion leading up to this decision, it’s just as well they decided to pack it in as a revolutionary socialist organization.