Who's Blocking U.S. Action on Climate Change?

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Rolling Stone names the top 12 most powerful opponents of restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions …

12. Rep. Fred Upton Republican, Michigan

11. Bjørn Lomborg Author, “Cool It”

10. Rep. Darrell Issa Republican, California

9. Sen. Jay Rockefeller Democrat, West Virginia

8. Ken Cuccinelli Attorney general, Virginia

7. Tim Phillips President, Americans for Prosperity

6. Rex Tillerson CEO, ExxonMobil

5. Tom Donahue President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

4. Gregory Boyce CEO, Peabody Energy

3. Sarah Palin Retired half-term governor, Alaska

2. Charles and David Koch CEO and Executive VP, Koch Industries

1.  Rupert Murdoch CEO, News Corporation

Read their profiles, here

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  • At what point is this going to be considered a crime against humanity? Have there been efforts from International Law specialists to bring cases against these people?