Climate Change: Who's Carrying the Burden?

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New book from CCPA “rallies the call of climate justice advocates and activists concerned with system change not climate change”

Climate and Capitalism just received this announcement from the publisher, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. We haven’t seen the book yet, but it looks like a valuable resource for climate justice activists in Canada and globally. We hope to publish a review some time soon.


Climate Change – Who’s Carrying the Burden?
The Chilly Climates of the Global Environmental Dilemma

by L. Anders Sandberg & Tor Sandberg

Price: $35. Purchaee online from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The devastating impacts of climate change are clear. But there are disturbing revelations about how global elites are tackling the issue. Al Gore — on one hand—promotes carbon emissions trading and green technologies as a solution, and-on the other-profits handsomely from his timely investments in those same initiatives. Infamous climate change skeptic Bjørn Lomborg recommends free market solutions to fight global poverty and disease. And it’s these solutions that almost exclusively receive the attention of world leaders, so-called experts and media pundits.

Climate Change-Who’s Carrying the Burden? rallies the call of climate justice advocates and activists concerned with ‘system change not climate change’. This call demands control of local resources, the restitution of past wrongs, and the willingness to conceive and accept different modes of living and seeing.

The contributors to this book draw attention to the disparity between climate change and social justice concerns. They seek to confound, confuse and extend what constitutes the meaning of climate change. They juxtapose and make connections between climate change and the chilly climates that exclude and marginalize groups and individuals who live and imagine different ways of interacting that are more respectful of social and environmental relationships.



  • Climate change — who’s carrying the burden? — L . Anders Sandberg And Tor Sandberg


  • The Health Impact of Global Climate Change — Stephen Lewis
  • From Climate Change to Climate Justice in Copenhagen — L . Anders Sandberg And Tor Sandberg
  • Paying Our Climate Debt — Naomi Klein
  • Vandana Shiva Talks About Climate Change — An Interview By Tor Sandberg
  • The Path from Cochabamba — Sonja Killoran- Mckibbin
  • COP15 in an Uneven World — Contradiction and crisis at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change — Jacqueline Medalye
  • Climate Change, Compelled Migration, and Global Social Justice — Aaron Saad


  • Framing Problems, Finding Solutions — Stephanie Rutherford And Jocelyn Thorpe
  • Penguin Family Values: The nature of planetary environmental reproductive justice — Noël Sturgeon
  • ‘Walking on Thin Ice’ The Ice Bear Project, the Inuit and climate change — Jelena Vesic
  • Operation Climate Change: Between community resource control and carbon capitalism in the Niger Delta — Isaac Osuoka
  • Broken Pieces, Shattered Lives: The lasting legacy of Hurricane Katrina — Tanya Gulliver
  • Unearthing Silence: Subjugated narratives for environmental engagement — Jay Pitter


  • A Practical Environmental Education:Shrinking ecological footprints, expanding political ones — Elizabeth May
  • “Keep the fire burning brightly” Aboriginal youth using hip hop to decolonize a chilly climate — Alilakhani, Vanessa Oliver, Jessica Yee , Randy Jackson & Sarah Flicker
  • Forty Years of System Change: Lessons from the free city of Christiania — Anders Lund Hansen
  • Marginal Medleys: How Transition Towns and Climate Camps are relocalizing the global climate crisis — Adrina Bardekjian Ambrosii
  • Dig Where You Stand! Food research/education rooted in place, politics, passion, and praxis — Deborah Barndt

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  • You can read the Preface and the Introduction HERE (.pdf).

    It appears from these excerpts that the book gives short shrift to socialist alternatives, opting instead to focus on capitalist utopian experiments.