December 8: International Day of Climate Change Protests

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This call was published by the Global Climate Campaign. Their website includes links to information on protests planned in many countries.

Global Climate Campaign

Building a global movement to confront the ultimate global crisis International Demonstrations on Climate Change
DECEMBER 8th, 2007
on the Saturday midway through the UN Climate Talks In Bali, Indonesia

On December 3rd 2005 during the Montreal Climate Talks there were demonstrations and events in over 20 countries — tens of thousands in Montreal, ten thousand in London, thousands in Australia and Turkey…

On November 4th 2006, marking the Nairobi Climate talks, there were demonstrations and events in over 40 countries — nearly a hundred thousand in Australia, tens of thousands in London, thousands in Bolivia, Kenya, France, the US …

On December 8th 2007, the Saturday midway through the UN Climate Talks in Bali, Indonesia, we aim to have still bigger demonstrations in more countries, demanding that world leaders take the urgent action we need to prevent the catastrophic destabilization of global climate. Our long term aim is to build these global demonstrations bigger, year on year, until we have a veritable ‘tidal wave’ of global protest, pushing irresistibly for the effective and equitable, all-inclusive, emissions reductions treaty that the world so urgently needs.

Can you help? You can find out who has been involved in your country so far (if anyone) at Can you contact them and help them organize something bigger for December 8th 2007? If no one is organizing anything in your country can you or your organization help start something? Even if it’s only small it will all help. And the sooner we can get organized for December the bigger we can make it! For more information contact the Global Climate Campaign, using the contacts below.

Global Climate Campaign
+44 2078339311 +44 7903316331
5, Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, United Kingdom.

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  • International Human Rights Day is officially on December 10, so i wonder if its possible to connect the issues.In Australia the Walk Against Warming was organised to occur two weeks before the Federal Election at the start of this year and this is why we have a national demonstration on Nov 11. I think it would be useful to actually organise another demonstration in Australia to connect with global protest.Sections of the anti-war movement are also arguing for a demonstration on the same day (as part of Int Human Rights Day) to call for Troops out of Iraq. This aimed at keeping pressure on whoever is elected to Government to end Australian involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps it is possible to connect the issues by raising demands such as Renewables, Not Wars for Oil. In the US there are actions calling for No War No Warming, so that could be another angle. Whatever we precisely use depends on the situation in each country, however i think its important to make it clear that no government can talk of environmental sustainability while pursuing destructive wars that are aimed at “energy security”.