What Will APEC Do About Climate Change? Nothing.

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The Sydney Morning Herald has obtained a copy of the “Draft Outline of APEC Leaders’ Declaration on Climate Change, Energy Security and Clean Development.” It can be downloaded HERE. (Warning: Although it’s only 8 pages long, this is a 19 Mbyte file. Don’t download it on a slow connection unless you have lots of time.)

In his blog Maribo, climate scientist Simon Donner accurately describes this as “a remarkably evasive document,” adding that “it takes real craftsmanship to construct something like this.”

“The opening includes a call for a future global climate change framework based on a list of eight principles, none of which include the terms ‘greenhouse gas emissions’, ‘carbon emissions’, or for that matter, ‘climate change’.”

The focus of the document, like the Canadian government’s recently announced fraudulent global warming plan is on reducing “intensity,” not cutting actual emissions. Donner comments:

“One of the few numerical targets is a 25% reduction in energy intensity by 2030. As I discussed recently, energy intensity or the energy use per dollar of GDP, has been declining for decades. Looking back at the graph of global energy intensity and emissions intensity over time, the global energy intensity actually decreased by 26% from 1985 to 1995 …. Like the US and Canadian targets based on emissions intensity, this target is a farce.”

That’s one more very good reason for climate activists in Australia to join the protests being organized by the Stop Bush Coalition on September 8.