Joel Kovel: The first two steps to ecosocialism

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[Quotes and Insights #2]

“However uncertain the end point, the first two steps on the path are clearly laid out, and are within the reach of every conscientious person. These are that people ruthlessly criticize the capitalist system ‘from to to botton’, and that they include in this a consistent attack on the widespread idea that there can be no alternative to it.

“If one believes that capital is not only basically unjust but radically unsustainable as well, the prime obligation is to spread the news, just as one should feel obliged to tell the inhabitants of a structurally unsound house doomed to collapse of what awaits them unless they take drastic measures.

“To continue the analogy, for the critique to matter it needs to be combined with an attack on the false idea that we are, so to speak, trapped in this house, with no hope of fixing it or getting out.”

Joel Kovel, The Enemy of Nature