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  1. david walters November 2, 2012 at 9:55 pm |

    Good article. Forget bikes (I was a messenger in NYC after HS. NO F’ING WAY!)…this city runs on one thing and one thing alone: subways. 3 million a day. So protecting the subways is essential. Sealing them for events like this critical. If it takes 30 billion (or 1/20th on one years dollars spent on war by the U.S.) then should do it. Probably improve a lot of infrastructure as well.

    The problem with distribution substations involves more than just moving them above ground. Much of the bus work (and all of it in Manhattan) has to remain underground. The move toward undergrounding the grid was prompted by another weather catastrophe during the early part of the last century when a hellatious ice storm brought down the transmission and distribution lines in The City killing hundreds of people. But…I agree…ConEd can do something about it and needs to.

    David Walters

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