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  1. Rory Short January 30, 2012 at 10:24 am |

    My gut feeling in response to climate change is that the only sustainable way for humankind to work with Nature is cooperatively, not exploitatively which, at a collective level, is our historic and our current mode of operation. As conscious creatures we are ideally suited to work with Nature cooperatively but because we work exploitatively we are not only squandering the opportunities that a cooperative way of working would offer us we are actually destroying our natural support systems and thus ourselves. As I see it if we want to survive as a species we, collectively, have to change to working cooperatively with Nature and that is the measure that we need to apply to everything that we do, or plan to do. Is it working cooperatively with Nature? If it is then fine, but if it is not then stop it, if it is already in operation, or, if only in prospect, do not embark upon it.

    The opposition to the above way of thinking and acting saddens me but does not surprise me, nor does it divert me from this trajectory and it should not divert or discourage others because humankind actually has no other option. Either enough people eventually get the message and we are saved from destruction by the skin of our teeth or they don’t and then we are all finished anyway. It is as stark as that.

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