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Greenhouse Gas

Exploding the “Emissions Intensity” Hoax

By Ian Angus As I’ve written previously, the Climate Change Denial Industry is still active despite the IPCC Report — but it’s also true that it has become unfashionable as an explicit political stance, at least in Canada. After years of inaction, politicians of every stripe are actively seeking to...

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Asia Cuba

'Acts of God' or Products of the System?

by Zoe Kenny In early February, rains that flooded up to 70% of Jakarta and displaced some 450,000 people began. Across Indonesia, 85 people died, according to a March 12 Agence France-Presse report. Bloomberg’s wire service reported on March 6 that, according to government estimates, the floods...

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Deniers Films

Climate Change Denial: The Swindle Continues

By Ian Angus Last month’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that the science is absolutely clear. Climate change is real and human activity is the primary cause. That ended the debate, right? Wrong. Anyone who expects rational behaviour from the most vehement defenders...

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Carbon Pricing

British Airways' Offset Greenwash

Eighteen months ago, in September 2005, British Airways announced a plan that allowed travellers to “offset” their travel-generated emissions by paying to have trees planted. Anyone care to guess the total impact so far? Assuming that the offsets actually did what they were said to do...

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The Sting in the Bio-Buzz

by Jutta Kill Biofuels are flavour of the month for carmakers and politicians keen to be seen as green without directly addressing the problem of everrising transport emissions. The bio-buzz has now caught on strongly in the EU. On 10 January, the European Commission presented its new energy and...

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Biofuel Latin America

United States and Brazil: The New Ethanol Alliance

by Raúl Zibechi Translated by Laura Carlsen from: Estados Unidos y Brasil: La nueva alianza etanol for the IRC Americas Program Raúl Zibechi is a member of the Editorial Council of the weekly Brecha de Montevideo, teacher and researcher of social movements at the Multiversidad Franciscana de...

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Climate Change IPCC

Next IPCC Report Predicts Droughts, Flooding, Disease

“Global warming” is just the beginning, and it may be the least of the problems caused by greenhouse gases. Capitalism is really fouling things up. WASHINGTON – (Associated Press, March 11, 2007) The harmful effects of global warming on daily life are already showing up, and within a couple of...

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Biofuel Climate Change

Hot Topics in the News

Climate Change and Human Health … Bangladesh Already Feels the Heat … The Big Green Fuel Lie … Biofuels and the Cost of Food. Recent articles from various sources for the activists’ arsenal. A Cost of Climate Change that Can’t Be Counted in Dollars – Survival QUOTE:...

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