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Top 10 C&C articles of 2021 … and all time

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There are now 2,776 articles on the Climate & Capitalism website. How many have you read?

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In 2021, Climate & Capitalism published 91 new articles. These attracted the most readers.

  1. The IPCC Report: Key findings and radical implications
    Beyond the headlines: what climate science now shows about Earth’s future. Can we act in time?
  2. ‘The Dawn of Everything’ gets human history wrong
    Is inequality inevitable? Is freedom just a choice? Two materialist critiques of a widely-praised book.
  3. Lithium, batteries and climate change
    The transition to green energy does not have to be powered by destructive and poisonous mineral extraction.
  4. Intensive fishing and the birth of capitalism, Part 1
    Beginning a series on the role of fishing in the birth and spread of capitalism, and the role of capitalism in today’s mass extinction of ocean life.
  5. Capital versus commons, Part 1
    The separation of most people from the land, and the concentration of land ownership in the hands of a tiny minority, forever changed the ways that humans live and work.
  6. 10 reasons why climate activists should not support nuclear
    The world needs safe, non-exploitive technologies. Nuclear doesn’t qualify.
  7. Imperial roots of the global food system
    ‘Diet for a Large Planet’ – how Britain fed itself by plundering the world
  8. Intensive fishing and the birth of capitalism, Part 2
    While treasure fleets carried silver to Spain, far more ships were carrying men, fish and whale oil across the North Atlantic.
  9. A socialist reply to ‘leftwing’ antivax disinformation
    Antivaxxers of all stripes are a threat to public health
  10. Capital versus commons, Part 2
    The sixteenth century origins of what Marx called “the systematic theft of communal property.”

Oldies but goodies

Since January 2007, we have published 2,776 articles, and many of them are still read frequently. This is our pre-2021 Top 10:

  1. The four laws of ecology and the four anti-ecological laws of capitalism
    Profit-making has become the most powerful connection between human beings and nature.
  2. The facts about the Alberta tar sands
    Canada’s major party leaders claim that carbon capture will make the tar sands sustainable.
  3. The myth of the tragedy of the commons
    Will shared resources always be misused and overused? Is community ownership of land, forests and fisheries a guaranteed road to ecological disaster?
  4. The Dark History of Population Control
    The future must be both pro-life and pro-choice, combining forces to oppose population control of any kind.
  5. Population control: 10 reasons why it’s the wrong answer
    We need to build stronger links and collaboration with movements for climate justice in the global South – not draw up plans to reduce their numbers.
  6. What’s wrong with a 30-hour work week?
    Actually, that there is no reason for anyone to work more than 20 hours per week.
  7. 20 essential books on Marxist ecology (Updated)
    “Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts.” — Mother Jones
  8. The English riots: Feral capitalism hits the streets
    The rioters are only doing what everyone else is doing, just more blatantly and visibly.
  9. The political implications of population-resources theory
    Ideas about environment, population, and resources are not neutral. They are political in origin and have political effects.
  10. Six arguments against carbon trading
    It won’t do the job, and makes it harder to develop and implement real solutions.