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Announcing the Global Ecosocialist Network

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Activists on five continents form a new international association, a network of ecosocialists to coordinate activity and build worldwide resistance to capitalist ecocide

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Climate & Capitalism is pleased and excited to announce formation of the Global Ecosocialist Network. We encourage all C&C readers to support this important initiative to strengthen ecosocialism around the world

GEN’s initial aim is to “facilitate the development and spread of ecosocialist ideas and relevant information internationally so as to ensure that socialist ideas are heard within the current explosion of ecological debate.” The founding sponsors are ecosocialist activists from Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Membership is open to individual socialists and socialist organizations who support the network’s six key principles:

  1. There is a generalized environmental crisis of which climate change is the lead element. This crisis is extremely urgent and threatens the future of humanity and countless other species.
  2. The cause of this crisis is capitalism – an economic and social system based on competitive exploitation and production for profit.
  3. Solving this crisis and surviving it involves an international break with capitalism and its replacement by socialism – an economic and social system based on collective ownership of the main forces of production and democratic planning.
  4. To achieve this we need a global mobilization of people power.
  5. Such mobilization requires a commitment to a just transition i.e. not one based on attacking the jobs and living standards of the mass of working people.
  6. The united mobilization we need also requires opposition to all racist, sexist, national, homophobic and transphobic oppression.

If GEN grows and develops as we hope, an early project will be organizing a Global Conference some time later in 2020. But of course that depends on it being actively supported by ecosocialists around the world. For more information, including details on how socialist individuals and organizations can join, visit the Global Ecosocialist Network website.

You can also connect with us through GEN’s Facebook Page, and on Twitter.

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  • It is not often realised by the global community how the assault on the environment is wreaking havoc on the economic and social lives in poor, underdeveloped economies typified by Nigeria where I live. The pace of self-destruction is rapid and evidently irreversible. It is terrible seeing how deforestation is being carried out with negative results on the the present generation and greater havoc awaitng the coming generations