Heating the Greenhouse

Global warming illustrated: 800,000 years of CO2 in one graph

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This year’s increase in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry is the largest in seven years. CO2 in the atmosphere has hit a new high.

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“As 2018 is not yet over – and somewhat limited data is available – these projections are still subject to large uncertainties. The Global Carbon Project will publish more complete 2018 numbers in early 2019 when all the data is available. However, it is clear that the rise in emissions from fossil fuels in 2018 will be the largest in quite some time.”

Read more at Climate Central, Dec. 5, 2018

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  • The CO2 waste dumped into the atmosphere by global industrial capitalism at no cost to them took an immediate, and deadly, jump a few years after WW2 when the USA was expanding on its imperialistic project to exploit the people and resources of the global south for the benefit of the core areas of capitalism and its small number of owners of the system.

    The graph shows CO2, which is the most common ghg; but, methane and nitrous oxide are more potent as green house gases and they are also being released from various sources at an unprecedented rate.

    Thanks for the graph and it seems to me that any entity that claims that it opposes the runaway pollution of the earth and disruption of 6 or 8 earth systems and does not specifically mention and condemn global financial capitalism is a sham organization.