Population control group uses Earth Day to attack immigrants

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Population controllers show their bigotry, again

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These people are scum.

In California, a population-control outfit is running television commercials that feature a frightened child asking questions about water shortages and traffic congestion.

The group’s answers blame immigrants for problems caused by a grossly wasteful and irrational economic system.

The Executive Director of Californians for Population Stabilization, Jo Wideman,  told the press: “Part of the solution to reversing California’s environmental decline, while not politically correct or convenient, is certainly simple. If we slow mass immigration, we can slow population growth and save some California for tomorrow.”

And if we could get rid of bigots, the entire world would be a much more liveable place.


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  • The problem is it’s a great hook. Furthermore providing reasoned argument against such bigotry doesn’t work. Affluent whites are troubled as are affluent immigrants. When you think about it they’re affluent not mostly because they’re smart but they’ve been in the right place in time. Under a credit boom we’ve all had a ton of opportunites. The credit boom didn’t teach them to think.