Ecosocialism Canada: A new activist resource

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Ecosocialism Canada has a new editor, a new design, a new web address, and a renewed focus on campaigning against capitalist ecocide in Canada. You can help make it an essential movement resource.

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I’m very pleased to announce the relaunch of Ecosocialism Canada, a web project devoted to news, analysis and discussion of environmental issues in or relevant to Canada, and to reports on environmental movements, with special emphasis on First Nations, ecosocialist groups, and other environmental justice activities.

Ecosocialism Canada was created in 2009 by long time labour activist and socialist Dave Taylor,  who died last month. I have agreed to continue the project, working with a team of contributors from a variety of traditions and locations. (I will continue as editor of Climate & Capitalism, so the team is essential!)

The web site has moved to a new, easier to remember web address ( and it has been completely redesigned.

Please take a look here: Ecosocialism Canada. To be informed when new articles are posted, just enter your email address in the box at the top of the right-hand column.

I welcome your comments and suggestions: please help us make Ecosocialism Canada into an essential resource for the growing movement against capitalist ecocide in Canada, Quebec and the First Nations — and for activists in other countries who want to know what’s going on north of the U.S.A.



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