Pipelines: More lies told by lying liars

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You can’t believe anything Enbridge says

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To paraphrase Mary McCarthy, every word Enbridge says is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the.’  

Latest example, thanks to West Coast Native News, September 6, 2012—

by Derrick

Today’s lying cheating untrustworthy oil company lie. Enbridge spokesman Paul Stanway announced that almost 60 per cent of First Nations along the planned Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline between Alberta and B.C. have signed on to become part owners.

It is simply not true, not even when the Natives outside the route are included [which they admitted doing to pad the numbers].

Quote from CBC news: “Coastal First Nations executive director Art Sterritt says he has checked with every aboriginal group along the route from Alberta to Kitimat and only found two that have signed equity agreements with Enbridge.”

TWO!!! There are 45 First Nations along the pipeline. I am not good at math, but I think that is less than 1%. They cannot be trusted, and nobody in their right mind would sign a contract with such a devious organisation. Apparently, some large sums of money have been paid to natives along the route, so possibly those two that signed were corrupted by selfish desires for money – exactly the kind of thing that Enbridge is good at.


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