Get the frack out of here!

Performed by Wool & Grant

Bev Grant, vocals, acoustic guitar
Ina May Wool, vocals
Daniel A. Weiss, dobro,Trilian bass, mandolin, drum programming, sound, producer


Gas man came calling just the other day.
Said you lease me your land and I promise we will pay

For what you got underground; we’ll bring it to the top.
But first we gotta drill a hole, make those bubbles pop.

We got a cocktail to inject. Best not to drink it, don’t you know.
We’ll shoot it deep inside the shale rock shatter what’s below,

To get the natural gas.
Your lucky day will come at last,
When we frack over here.

My neighbor told me he got that same song and dance.
The money sounded good and so he thought he’d take a chance.

Now his chickens lost their feathers, some are now belated,
‘Cause the water in his well has been contaminated.

Strike a match in his sink, watch the faucet catch on fire.
The gas man says it’s not his fault. We know he’s no liar.

Natural gas,
Hope this don’t sound too crass.
Get the frack outa here

Between a rock and a hard place, that’s where I am.
Lord knows we need the money, but I don’t understand.

How you can stand there and tell me, this is a good thing,
While you poison our water with lead and benzene.

Hydraulic fracturing, sure, it’s making you a buck,
While the rest of us get sick and die and you just say “tough luck.”

You try to make us think it’s safe. You even try to say it’s green.
By showing pretty pictures on our tv screen.

Natural gas,
You can kiss my ass.
Get the frack outa here.

Ain’t nothin’ natural ‘bout your
Natural gas,
Kiss my natural ass, and
Get the frack outa here.

 ©2011 Bev Grant

Hat tip to
Labor Notes: Putting the movement back in the labor movement


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