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Introducing Editor's Notebook

I like the redesigned Climate & Capitalism a lot, but until now it has had one drawback. It’s great for publishing essays, news and statements,  but there has been no convenient way to publish briefer comments, remarks, quotes, ephemera, humor, useful links and the like.

For example, I used to write an occasional feature called Ecosocialist Notebook. It briefly described and linked to articles and reports we thought C&C readers should know about. I tried doing that in a few different formats, but found it just didn’t work in the new layout.

So, thanks to the programming and design efforts of Jamil Jonna, I’m pleased to introduce the Editor’s Notebook, a home for short pieces that just don’t fit elsewhere on the website. It will be more informal than the rest of the site, probably silly sometimes, and will definitely reflect my personal views and attitudes.

C&C’s editorial standards and political principles will still be enforced, but in a more relaxed fashion.

To get it started, I’ve moved a few older items-that-didn’t-quite-fit to here from elsewhere. To see them all, just click on the Editor’s Notebook graphic below this note.

As always, I welcome your ideas, suggestions, comments, criticisms, and the like …


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