Announcement: Climate & Capitalism and Monthly Review

Climate and Capitalism is five years old this month. I’m excited to mark this anniversary by launching an alliance with Monthly Review, the world’s …

Climate and Capitalism is five years old this month. I’m excited to mark this anniversary by launching an alliance with Monthly Review, the world’s foremost independent socialist journal.

The agreement will enable the two publications to share resources and expand the audience for our Marxist perspective on environmental issues.

Since 1949, Monthly Review has made invaluable contributions to the fight against capitalism, imperialism and the commodification of life. In the past decade, it has come to be widely recognized as an authoritative voice of ecological Marxism.

So I was deeply honored when MR editor John Bellamy Foster proposed that we join forces to make C&C’s unique coverage of the global fight against capitalist ecocide available through Monthly Review’s popular and growing website.

We took the first small practical step last week. There is now a link to Monthly Review in our header menu, and a similar link to Climate and Capitalism in Monthly Review’s header menu.

We are now working with MR’s webmaster on a redesign that will make C&C more attractive and readable, and on technical changes that will facilitate searching, indexing and cross-linking between MR and C&C. And there is more to come.

Some things will not change. C&C’s web address is still Our Facebook pages, email notifications and RSS feeds remain.

And I will continue as editor, with full responsibility for our editorial mission:

  • to provide news and analysis to inform, educate and develop the green left;
  • to contribute to building an international movement against capitalist destruction of the environment and for ecosocialism; and,
  • to encourage and facilitate collaboration and exchanges of views among socialists and ecology activists.

As always, your comments, suggestions and criticisms are more than welcome.

Ian Angus
Editor, Climate and Capitalism



  • Dear Ian:
    I am not really one of you, but congrats on the MR connection. I guess I picked a good one in you back when I emailed you before. Maybe you would find it amusing, at least if you read my blog. I am in the middle of blogging now, and I thought I would send this. You see, Ian, I am desperate for readers….
    MR has a long, solid history, I know, and I wish them well.

  • Congratulations! MR is my favorite magazine and C&C is not far behind so the association of both blogs is a welcomed development. A good fit. We need more of this.

  • This is good news for al ecosocialists, and it will be very good for both journals. The more theoretical MR and the more practical C&C; it’s a real symbiosis.I, my self hav for a long time speculated if there were any divergences at all.

  • awareness can only grow stronger thanks to this project. We need even more environmentalists to see the Marxist Critique of Capitalism and Scientific Socialism as the only true alternative to continued and worsening capitalist barbary on the planet. Congradulations All,

  • This is really good news for both MR and C&C readers. We need to do everything possible to ensure that marxism is informed by ecology and that ecology is informed by marxism. Barry Commoner would wholeheartedly approve.