Too Many People? Review by British socialist magazine

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“Too Many People? is not disheartening or alarmist, as some books about climate change can be. It is assertive, passionate and a key reference for arming ourselves against those, on the right and the left, who talk about population control.”

Socialist Review is a monthly magazine published by the Socialist Workers Party, the largest organization on the left in Britain. The December 2011 issue includes a review by Manchester-based activist Julie Filer, of Too Many People? Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis, by Ian Angus and Simon Butler.

She writes

Too Many People? is a compelling rebuttal of the idea that underlies calls for population control – that population growth must be halted through limiting the reproductive rights of poor black women and stopping migration to more economically developed countries.

Both authors share a passion for social change and are deeply frustrated at the argument that “population control” is a means of stopping climate change.

Rather than denouncing those in the Global South and portraying them as passive victims without agency, the book calls for solidarity with the many struggles against climate change, particularly in Latin America.

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