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The Great Distraction: ‘Overpopulation’ Is Back in Town

by Betsy Hartmann, August 30, 2011  What’s next to hit New York after Hurricane Irene? If you’re in the heart of Times Square during the month of September, you’ll get the chance to see a scary video about overpopulation playing every hour on a huge screen. Sponsored by the Human Overpopulation Campaign of the Arizona-based […]

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Cover of "Dick Smith

Population book misdiagnoses Australia's environmental crisis

Dick Smith’s Population Crisis: The Dangers of Unsustainable Growth for Australia. Allen & Unwin, Sydney Australia, 2011. ISBN 978-1-74237-657-8 reviewed by Simon Butler Green Left Weekly, August 28, 2011 Those who say today’s big social and ecological problems stem from there being too many people on the planet face a special difficulty. As the Australian ecologist […]

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‘Capitalism cannot respond to climate change’

Noted Marxist economist and ecologist John Bellamy Foster is a feature guest speaker at the World at a Crossroads: Climate Change Social Change conference, which will take place in Melbourne Australia, September 30 to October 3. He was interviewed by Peter Boyle for Green Left Weekly. ================ What will be some of the effects of the ongoing global financial crisis and […]

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Population debate heats up on C&C

The article “Seven questions for a populationist” has prompted some interesting comments and debate. Now one of the big guns of populationism, Simon Ross, CEO of the UK-based Optimum Population Trust, has posted his answers. He accuses socialists of dividing the environmental movement and “generating fruitless debates.” Click here to join the conversation …

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