The Socialist Alternative – two reviews

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Michael Lebowitz’s book, one of the most important contributions to socialist thought published in the past decade, is getting the recognition it deserves.

Louis Proyect writes:

“If The Socialist Alternative refrains — correctly — from offering up recipes for a future socialist society, it does do something far more important, namely stressing the kind of human relationships that are essential to a society that seeks to transcend capitalism. Key to this, of course, is creating the economic foundations for full human development.” (Swans Commentary, June 6, 2011)

John Gregson writes:

“Michael Lebowitz’s important book portrays a vision of the socialist alternative to capitalism through a synthesis of some of Marx’s most important philosophical arguments concerning human development, revolutionary practice and radical democracy. Developed from his experiences in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela as a ministerial advisor, what is particularly impressive is that this relatively short yet deceptively comprehensive work develops not only the philosophical foundations of that alternative but also outlines strategic, concrete measures that can contribute to making that vision a reality.” (Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, June 5, 2011)

The Socialist Alternative: Real Human Development can be purchased directly from the publisher, Monthly Review Press, or through the  Ecosocialist Bookstore.