Why Nuclear Is Not the Answer

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Socialist Worker (UK) has published an unpdated edition of Martin Empson’s pamphlet Climate Change: Why Nuclear Power is Not the Answer, with a new Introduction on the Fukushima disaster.


  • Introduction
  • Chernobyl – the long shadow of nuclear power
  • Climate change
  • Nuclear power – problems and lies
  • What does it all cost?
  • Nuclear power and the bomb
  • The alternative
  • Transport in the UK
  • Governments and corporations
  • Saving the planet


The nuclear industry continues to argue that nuclear power is needed. They tell us that nuclear power can be safe and environmentally friendly. They say nuclear generation is the only way that we can produce low carbon electricity. Yet in the five years since I wrote this pamphlet the industry still has not been able to prove any of these assertions. Nuclear power remains a net producer of greenhouse gases. There is still no long term solution for the problem of the radioactive waste and nuclear power is costly as ever.

The nuclear power industry cannot be trusted. There is a history of cover-ups and falsification of safety reports. In the late 1990s and again in 2002 the Tokyo Electric Power Company which ran the Fukushima plant admitted falsifying safety reports.

In the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima disaster several governments have announced that they will delay the further expansion of their nuclear programmes.

Socialists and environmentalists must argue that this should become permanent.


Climate Change: Why Nuclear Power is Not the Answer can be purchased for £1.50, (plus 20% shipping for outside Europe) from Bookmarks Socialist Bookshop in London. Click here to order.

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  • Thank you for this. This is so badly needed, especially in light of Japan’s recent disaster and George Monbiot’s unfortunate lapse in judgement. Thanks again for your hard work and diligence.