Sydney: Climate Activists Outmobilize Deniers 4 to 1

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A note and photos from Peter Boyle of Australia’s Socialist Alliance …

Some 8000 people demonstrated for urgent action in Sydney’s Belmore Park on April 2 in a powerful counter-mobilisation to a 2000-strong climate deniers rally led by right-wing radio shock jocks Alan Jones and Chris Smith from Radio 2GB held in Hyde Park.

The deniers rally is a repeat of a similar-sized rally held in Canberra a week ago and is part of an attempt to construct a right-populist movement like the “Tea Party” movement in the US. The climate change activists rally was organised by the internet-based group GetUp!.

More photos here

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  • Way to go for Action on climate Change! Im sure Mother Earth sends her Thanks! Congradulations and Thanks to all who were able to attend the Rally!
    Im sure we were well behaved! Not like some!
    Heres to a more Sustainable Future for all!
    Luv and Peace Trishwildfire