A People's Petition for One Million Climate Jobs

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It’s time for a mass movement that stops the cuts, force the bosses to create jobs, and solves the environmental crisis.

At its 2010 conference, Britain’s Trades Union Congress called for the creation of one million green jobs to tackle unemployment and the environmental crisis.

The petition below was launched by the Campaign Against Climate Change, supported by the Public and Commercial Services Union, the University and College Union, the Communication Workers Union and the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association. It is endorsed by John McDonnell MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Linda Riordan MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP, and  Sally Hunt, General Secretary of the UCU.



We the undersigned call on the Government to give urgent and serious consideration to the recommendations of the One Million Climate Jobs report including:

  1. We face a global climate crisis. If we do not halt the increase in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 the “prospects for the people on the planet are looking pretty bleak” (The Secretary of State for the Environment, reported 24.11.10)
  2. Britain faces a global economic crisis, with rising youth unemployment and the predicted loss of over a million jobs due to austerity measures.
  3. We need the Government to take urgent steps to address both these crises through the creation of a million climate jobs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, developing renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy, and training workers in the “green skills” necessary for a sustainable low carbon economy.
  4. Given the urgency and enormity of this task, we want the Government to employ staff directly in secure jobs, to do the necessary work through a National Climate Service.
  5. We call for an immediate, fully government-funded programme to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in existing and new buildings.
  6. We call for Government funding for free or low fare public transport services and the expansion and integration of public transport networks to reduce the use of private cars; for major investment in extending the rail network and introducing faster and more efficient trains; and the phasing-out of domestic airline flights as soon as practicable
  7. We call for direct intervention by the proposed Climate Service to create new industries, and convert existing and declining industries, to conduct the research, development, manufacture and installation of alternative technologies for generating electricity from renewable sources.
  8. We call on the Government to finance free programmes of “Green Skills” training through Further Education.
  9. Such proposals can be met at a net cost well within the scale of recent Government spending on the financial sector and would be far less costly than the possible alternative – catastrophic climate change.
  10. By adopting such a programme Britain would set a standard for the rest of the world, especially the developed world responsible for the crisis, in taking the decisive action necessary to limit global warming and ensure that future generations are left an inhabitable planet.

To sign the petition, and for more information, go to One Million Climate Jobs.


  • This is in essence how all governments should be responding to the climate crisis using the financial crisis as a goad to get moving on the climate front.

    Sadly the UK’s bailout of the banking sector indicates a misguided belief in government circles that business as usual is just fine and not one of the fundamental drivers of climate change.

  • Unless we firmly commit to green energy as our main source here in USA we will always have high unemployment! These new Jobs would be a gigantic step in solving most of our problems in the USA!