A Tar Sands Pledge of Resistance

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Climate activists call for non-violent direct action to stop the Trailbreaker pipeline project

from BeyondTalk.net

At a recent climate camp in North America, activists began collecting signatures for a tar sands pledge of resistance.  We invite you to sign on to commit to action against a fossil fuel pipeline and pumping project (”Trailbreaker”) that may bring tar sands bitumen through infrastructure across several American states and Canadian provinces.

Between August 7 and 23, 2010, community members joined forces with supporters from across Quebec, Canada, and North America to hold a Climate Action Camp. to strengthen the campaign against the Trailbreaker. We gathered to educate, create new ties, and mobilize a diverse movement to stop oil companies from polluting our communities and contributing to climate catastrophe.

Because of the grave threat the Trailbreaker project poses to the climate, the community and all others in its path, we pledge to engage in non-violent direct action to stop the pumping station should they ever attempt to follow through with its construction without community consent.

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