Canadian Dimension: Special Issue on Ecosocialism

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The latest issue of Canada’s most widely read magazine of the left focuses on the “rising tide of ecosocialism”

From the Canadian Dimension website:

The division within the environmental movement between market ecologism and ecosocialism has become increasingly clear with the failure of Copenhagen and the promise of Cochabamba. This issue of CD focuses on the rising tide of ecosocialism. We feature an exclusive interview with ecosocialist founder Joel Kovel; the CD panel at the Peoples’ Summit on building the ecosocialist movement; a first-hand report on the historic Cochabamba meetings by collective member Terisa Turner; Ian Angus’s up to date account of the world-wide ecosocialist movement; Andrea Levy’s critique of climate change deniers on the Left; Cy Gonick’s introduction to ecosocialism as a system of thought; and Leigh Brownhill’s article on food sovereignty.

Articles in the September-October issue include:

  • CD Editorial Collective: Once More Around the Bloc: Tactics, Democracy, and Mass Politics
  • Barbara Legault and Jody Proctor: Sexism and Assault in “Torontonamo” Jails Brings More Shame to G20
  • Terisa E. Turner: From Cochabamba: A World Movement of Social Movements to End Climate Chaos by Ending Capitalism
  • Interview with Joel Kovel: Ecosocialism as Holistic Earth Care: Redefining Our Role as Environmental Agents
  • Ian Angus: What’s Next for Ecosocialists?
  • Andrea Levy: Burn, Baby, Burn! Climate Change Sceptics on the Left
  • Cy Gonick, Nick DeCarlo, Terisa Turner and Clayton Thomas-Muller: Finding a Movement in the Second Contradiction: A People’s Summit Panel Discussion
  • Leigh Brownhill: Putting the Cream Back in the Can: Ecologically Responsible Farming is our Future
  • Cy Gonick: Exploring Ecosocialism as a System of Thought

Some of these articles are available on the Canadian Dimension website now … but we encourage all Climate and Capitalism readers to help keep independent radical journalism alive by subscribing to the print edition.


  • I am not a Trotskyist but this article from last year from International Socialist Review was a far better treatment.

    Andrea Levy’s article was not thoughtful but patched together. She gave huge space to the supposed targets and only made a small critique as an apparent afterthough. Effectively she only ended up echoing and promoting their ridiculous views.
    Again, this is only a small part of a trend CD has developed this year of giving inordinate space to the deniers of the Greenhouse effect.
    Canadian Dimension has been completely irresponsible in its approach to this issue.

  • My reaction to this special edition of Canadian Dimension is very different to Martin’s. It’s great reading and I recommend all the articles. IMO, Andrea Levy’s thoughtful and well written article was one of the best I’ve read on the subject of climate denial and the left.

  • Sorry but in recent months Canadian Dimension has given an unwarranted about of space to those who deny the Greenhouse Effect particularly as how it relates to oil. In both on-line and print form CD has given Denis G. Rancourt a huge forum to promote his beliefs. While the last article by Andrea Levy poses itself as a critique, that vast majority of it creates a huge platform for Cockburn, Noble, and Zizek and their ludicrous positions. What we need from any Canadian journal are articles about why there is no meaningful coalition between environmental groups and labour to push for renewable energy as we see in other countries. Canadian Dimension is not doing that at all.