Evo Donates 50% of Salary to Haiti and Chile

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The president of Bolivia sets an example …

Translated from CubaDebate, March 2, 2010

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has launched a five-day campaign, called “Chile and Haiti need you,” to raise funds for the two countries.

“This is a solidarity campaign with two Latin American peoples who have suffered irreparable climate damage,” said the Bolivian president. Setting an example,  Morales announced that he and his vice-president will contribute 50% of their salary for the month, and that the other cabinet ministers will donate 30%.

Funds raised during the five days will be channeled through and managed by the state bank. The Bolivian leader said that the campaign goal is for Bolivia to contribute about 2 million dollars.


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    I hope we’ll be able to get live reports for those of us who won’t be able to attend.

    This initiative from Evo Morales and Bolivian government is a wonderful initiative. We should work very hard to connect and build networks between progressive minds from global south and global north.

  • Morales has also announced that Bolivia will hold a conference on global warming (from the perspective of poorer countries?). Who knows where we can get more information on it, and perhaps even follow it as it happens?