Fernwood publishes Climate Justice

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Cover of The Global Fight for Climate Justice

Cover of The Global Fight for Climate Justice

The North American edition of The Global Fight for Climate Justice is available now …

“The Global Fight for Climate Justice is a polemic in the best sense of the word.  It is an argument for why capitalism cannot solve the climate crisis and why socialists and others on the Left have to get a whole lot greener. You will rarely find a more comprehensive book on climate justice, an approach that combines environmentalism and social justice.”—from the new Foreword by Judy Rebick

Ask your bookstore for it, or purchase it online from Fernwood Publishing

“At last, an absolutely indispensable guide to the debate on climate change, a sourcebook that makes the case for anti-capitalist action as the only effective way to stop global warming. Of course the powers-that-be don’t agree — after all, who else is responsible for the current crisis? But we all need The Global Fight for Climate Justice if we are to fight for a liveable world.”  Joel Kovel, author of The Enemy of Nature and founding member of the Ecosocialist International Network


  • This book was just what I was looking for. And I was lucky enough to have Fernwood publishing connected through Facebook so I got alerted by the publication. The minute I read about the book, I ordered it.

    So far I’m really enjoying each page I read. I especially appreciated the section on Hunger crisis (Starving the poor) and I’m really eager to read texts from Evo Morales (that has all my admiration) on Climate Justice.

    This book is a great reference book, a really good kick-start to get on par with the complexity of the domain. I hope it’ll be translated in many languages, including in french to be accessible to Quebec readership