New Ecosocialist Party in Switzerland

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‘The Left’ aims to challenge Social Democrats and Greens

The following article appeared in Swiss News Worldwide on November 22.

Left-leaning parties receive competition

A new Swiss political party has been founded. “The Left” will attempt to win votes with a platform more leftwing than that of the Greens or Social Democrats. Around 200 people took part in a congress of the new party in Schaffhausen on Saturday.

In an appeal to Swiss voters, The Left said it intended to become an “eco-socialist power, which is currently lacking in Switzerland”.

One of the co-founders of the new party, Florian Keller, said The Left should appeal to young people across the country who feel represented by neither the centre-left Social Democrats or Greens.

A national committee was elected on Saturday, whose mandate is to enter “into dialogue with all anti-capitalist and eco-socialist movements in the country” with the goal of uniting them in a single party.

A formal founding ceremony is scheduled to take play next May in Lausanne.

And this shorter account was published November 23 by World Radio Switzerland:

New left-wing party founded

A new political party called The Left has been founded in Switzerland. The party’s platform leans more to the left than either the Greens or Social Democrats.

The Left says it aims to become an ’eco-socialist power, which is currently lacking in Switzerland’.

About 200 people attended a congress of the party in Schaffhausen on Saturday and a formal founding ceremony is to take place next May in Lausanne.

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