Update on "The Global Fight for Climate Justice"

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Canada’s leading publisher and distributor of progressive books will publish a North American edition of The Global Fight for Climate Justice: Anticapitalist Responses to Global Warming and Environmental Destruction.

The first edition, edited by Ian Angus (editor of Climate & Captalism), was published in July in England, by Resistance Books. It has been reviewed by:

  • Ash Pemberton in Green Left Weekly. “a vital resource for activists serious about creating a real solution to the climate emergency.”
  • Jeff White in Socialist Voice. “The book fills a real need in the small but growing corpus of ecosocialist literature in English, by taking anticapitalist environmentalism out of academia and into the streets.”
  • Derrick O’Keefe in Canadian Dimension. “This book will help us fight more intelligently. It should be read, shared, discussed, and debated preferably on buses and trains en route to the next climate camp or rally for climate justice.”
  • Ecoclub: “a potent mix of 46 essays, talks and declarations new … not from the usual, apolitical, mainstream environmentalist angle, but from a left/ecosocialist viewpoint, one which considers global warming an issue of systemic ‘oppression, exploitation & injustice.’”

Now Fernwood Publishing (‘Critical books for critical thinkers’) will release the book in Canada, with a new Foreword by noted activist, educator and writer Judy Rebick. The Global Fight for Climate Justice will appear in Fernwood’s Winter catalogue, and will be available on February 15.

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