Imperialism and global climate change

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VIDEO: Ian Angus speaking at the opening session of Climate and Capitalism, a one-day seminar in London (England) on Sept. 12, organized by the Green Left and Socialist Resistance.

PART ONE (8:41)

PART TWO (10:04)



  • Ian is on the money with this one! I’m a middle class Western greenie activist who’s just realised the truth of what Ian is saying – we’re not gonna fix the ecological dilemna with just a modified capitalist system – capitalism is such that you either have it, or not at all. It does not cope with steady state. This of course means the struggle will be doubly difficult – and fraught with risk of complete failure.

  • Hi,
    Can a person really be an environmentalist if they choose to be flying overseas for a one day conference? I truely believe that flying is no longer a luxury our world can support. With video technology it is possible for people to particpate in conferences just about anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world.
    Our critique of capitalism and it destructive nature to people’s lives and the environment losses much when we are jet setting around the world offering alternatives to the existing economic models and our human interaction with our environment.
    In solidarity,
    Winnipeg, Canada