Canadian Politics and Climate Change

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Five Parties, No Solutions

By Ian Angus

For the environment, there’s good news and bad news in Canada’s current federal election campaign. Good news: for the first time ever, climate change is a central issue in the political debates. Bad news: despite much sound and fury, none of the major political parties is proposing effective measures for dealing with the climate change crisis. The differences between them amount to “Don’t do anything”versus “Don’t do much.”

Even if their programs are implemented exactly as proposed, and even if there is 100% compliance, and even if the regulations and “price signals” produce the promised results, emissions will not come down fast enough to head off dangerous climate changes.

The starting point for any serious effort to combat climate change must be recognition that this is an emergency.

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  • From Peacekeepers to Ass-Kissers – thanks, Stephen Harper

    Stephen Harper does not deserve to be Canada’s Prime Minister.

    “Whether Canada ends up as one national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion…” Stephen Harper speech to the Colin Brown Memorial Dinner, National Citizens Coalition, 1994

    “I don’t know all the facts on Iraq, but I think we should work closely with the Americans.” – Stephen Harper, Report Newsmagazine, March 25 2002

    Stephen Harper has his head so far up George Bush’s back passage that George could get a gig as the two-headed freak at a traveling sideshow.

    From Peacekeepers to Ass-Kissers – thanks, Stephen Harper, thanks Conservative Party