No, We Won't Debate That …

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Global warming deniers have many places to post their oft-refuted nonsense. This is not one of them

For reasons best known to themselves, some global-warming-deniers have recently been posting comments on Climate and Capitalism. The theme is consistent: they want us to debate whether global warming is caused by human activity.

Yesterday, someone named Jeff  insisted that “There’s been no such debate” so we should have “a public debate to, once and for all, either validate or refute the scientific basis of man made global warming orthodoxy.”

Sorry, Jeff, there has been lots of debate. It’s hard to think of any scientific topic that has been so thoroughly debated. Anyone who says there has been no debate just hasn’t been paying attention.

The deniers’ problem isn’t that they haven’t been heard — it’s that they have lost the debate. It’s over. Global warming is real, and human activity is the primary cause. Now we have to discuss what to do about it.

Anyone who wants to spout denier nonsense  is welcome to do so. But not here. Comments that violate that policy will be removed.