Evo Morales: 10 Commandments to Save the Earth

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[Quotes and Insights #6]

Speaking at the United Nations today, Bolivian president Evo Morales proposed 10 commandments to save the planet, life and humanity

  1. Acabar con el sistema capitalista
    Putting an end to the capitalist system
  2. Renunciar a las guerras
    Renouncing wars
  3. Un mundo sin imperialismo ni colonialismo
    A world without imperialism or colonialism
  4. Derecho al agua
    Right to water
  5. Desarrollo de energías limpias
    Development of clean energies
  6. Respeto a la madre tierra
    Respect for Mother Earth
  7. Servicios básicos como derechos humanos
    Treat basic services as human rights
  8. Combatir las desigualdades
    Fighting inequalities
  9. Promover la diversidad de culturas y economías
    Promoting diversity of cultures and economies
  10. Vivir bien, no vivir mejor a costa del otro
    Living well, not living better at the expense of others

(Thanks to Michael Lebowitz and Richard Fidler for translation assistance)


  • On Number 7:

    The first translation was “Basic services such as human rights” a literal translation that made little sense. Jeff kindly suggested a more appropriate alternative.

    I have retranslated the phrase it in yet another way, one that I think is correct and preserves the terseness of the original.

  • I think number 7 is better translated as “Consider basic services as being human rights.”