Ecosocialism for the 21st Century

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Over 100 people attended the public meeting on “Ecosocialism for the 21st Century” in Vancouver, B.C. on Friday September 21, 2007. The speakers were:

  • Joel Kovel, author of The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or The End of the World and editor of the journal Capitalism, Nature Socialism
  • Hugo Blanco, the principal leader of the peasant uprising in Cuzco (Peru) in the 1960s; now editor of La Lucha Indigena
  • Lindsay Bomberry, the daughter of a Haudenoniso clan mother and supporter of the continuing Six Nations occupation in Caledonia, Ontario

The meeting was sponsored by Seven Oaks Magazine and endorsed by Vancouver Socialist Forum, People’s Coop Bookstore, the International Socialists and New Socialist Group.

Videos of the talks can be viewed at