Addendum to: Climate Change Doesn't Scare the Financial Post

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by Ian Angus

Canada’s Financial Post isn’t the only big-time business paper that puts ideology ahead of science on climate change. The Wall Street Journal is just as bad.

Like the Post, the WSJ claims that the IPCC’s recent Summary for Policy Makers “is backpedaling on some key issues.”

While everyone concedes that the Earth is about a degree Celsius warmer than it was a century ago, the debate continues over the cause and consequences. We don’t deny that carbon emissions may play a role, but we don’t believe that the case is sufficiently proven to justify a revolution in global energy use.

RealClimate, an excellent blog that I can’t recommend highly enough, has published a short but devastating critique of the WSJ editorial.

My favorite line: “On any index of wrongness, this WSJ editorial scores pretty high.”