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  1. fjwhite November 27, 2012 at 9:20 am |

    Simon Butler criticizes the World Bank for offering no suggestions or proposals for how the heat could be turned down, “other than a call for early, cooperative, international actions.”

    I’m no fan of the World Bank, and Simon has done a credible job of showing where the Bank has failed to walk the talk. But climate change is a “wicked problem” defying easy solutions, especially from just one organization. In this context, I found the Bank’s call for “early, cooperative, international actions” perfectly reasonable.

    One thing I learned as a federal government bureaucrat was not to criticize a proposal unless you had some ideas of your own that addressed the shortcomings of the plan on the table. So, in a follow-up piece, perhaps Simon could outline his suggestions or proposals to address this wicked climate crisis problem. Or maybe he has already done that and somebody could send me the link.

    Speaking of wicked problems, check out this post: “Welcome to the age of ‘wicked’ problems. Or, why fighting climate change is so difficult” http://snipurl.com/25ptg9p

    1. Ian Angus November 27, 2012 at 1:48 pm |

      If you’d ask Hippocrates, he’d say the World Bank should “first, do no harm.” As Simon shows in this article, the Bank is lecturing the world about reducing emissions, while actively promoting projects that increase emissions. A good practical step would be to stop being part of the problem.

      Beyond that, with only a little effort you can find many concrete proposals for dealing with climate change on this website. Here are just two examples to get you started:

      Confronting the Climate Change Crisis

      Climate Action Now! Australian Socialists Adopt Climate Charter.

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